At, we’re committed to propelling organizations and initiatives that promote life.

Let us work together

At, we’re passionate about the world being a better place for life, that’s why we push forward the development of causes that cultivate it.

The initiatives and organizations that promote life face a dual challenge:

  • filling voids in society
  • developing as an organization to make a powerful impact.

At, we understand both challenges. We have met them with success in various types of ventures of local, continental, and global reach.

We put our knowledge, experience, and proficiency to serve those that make the world a better place. It’s our contribution to making life fuller.

We are committed to supporting initiatives and organizations that protect or care for life.


OUR TEAM is a network of human talent with expertise in human and social development and in the management of organizations that promote life.

The professionals linked with Igniters.coare people with high technical and human qualities, proven performance in the business or social sector, that offer their services as a contribution to the cause of making this world a better place for life.

The women and men of our team are from diverse nationalities that articulate into interdisciplinary teams according to the expertise and abilities required in each support intervention.

The human team at is lead and coordinated by:

Edgar Florez


With a background in Education, Engineering, and Management of social development and humanitarian service organizations; and more than 35 years of experience in leadership, management, development of social entrepreneurship, and non-governmental organizations of national, regional, and global reach.

David Florez


With a background in Business Management, digital marketing, web development, and Engineering for the Internet environment. Over 10 years of experience in promoting and managing entrepreneurship to service the needs of organizations with social causes.

We potentialize the proposals and projects of our allies and clients as if they were our own. We transfer knowledge, develop capacity, stimulate innovation. We propel the impact of causes that protect and promote life.